msg the messenger of God

MSG The Messenger – Releasing Worldwide in 5 Languages simultaneously

Shooting of MSG The Messenger Completed in a record 67 days

It’s the final countdown for the Record Smashing entry both at Hollywood & Bollywood simultaneously, of the much awaited MSG The Messenger. The 1st Poster of the Film was launched on Saturday after its initial merchandise of a T-Shirt. Reverend Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan released a T-Shirt printed with the Film Poster, through his twitter account

Much awaited, this Film is expected by not only a thousand or million but rather Crores of fans. With the release of the Film Poster, the final countdown for its worldwide release has begun, which is set to be February 13th, 2015; whereby it can be seen across Cinema Halls, Multiplex and Theaters across the Globe. It is also made known that this Film is adorned with 7 Songs and shall be released simultaneously in 5 languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and English.

Aimed at reviving Humanitarian Values and promoting Social Welfare Work, this film is incepted by Reverend Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, who Himself shall be seen in the leading role. Not only that, He has Himself Sung, Composed, given music and directed all the 7 songs that the film boasts of.

Also, in another of the records of a kind, this movie has over a million real artists performing.

Completed in 67 Days

In a record of sorts, this film was completed in a short span of 67 days. This full length movie of 3 hours duration was shot for over 200 hours in different states across India. Ranging from the Mega Cities to Sirsa ashram, this Film has scenes and locations from all across. A few major sets were prepared and shot at Sirsa itself.

7 Songs

Other than the leading role, Reverend Guruji has also composed, written and directed the 7 songs incorporated in this film.

Already there is over a dozen of His music Albums in languages ranging from Hindi to English, Punjabi to Rajasthani, with all kinds of music, varying from Pop to Jazz to Folk to Rock which has already made its place amongst the youth. These songs can commonly be heard as Mobile Tones of many. Even Wedding Receptions are not left untouched of His songs, which can be seen playing at these too.

The proceeds shall be used for Thalassemia patients

As per the spokesperson of Dera Sacha Sauda, the proceeds of the film shall be utilized for the medication of Thalassemia patients across the globe.

It is to be noted that already there is a huge enthusiasm, eagerness and anxiety for the movie, which shall surely set new standards in the Film industry.

The Theme

Corruption and ever increasing Drug Abuse is focused in this movie, which aims at reviving Humanitarian Values and promoting Social Welfare Work. The film portrays the negative role of the Corrupt and Drug Abusers in the Society. It shall also be amusing to witness the combat of Truth with Corruption and lies, and how Truth Prevails!

MSG the film poster