Sep 2, 2016


That a week long much awaited   historical moment reached the climax on Sunday, when the finals of Tiranga Rumaal Chhoo was played b/w Pool A's MSG Toofani Sher & Pool B's MSG Delhi ke Diler. Both the teams were decked with seasoned players , who reached the final after defeating the opponents thrice each. The History was created when MSG Toofani Sher had a clean sweep over the opponents by 76-46. That's how they claimed Rs. 50 lakhs & The Winning Trophy. Sunil won the Man of the Match title with 16 points to his credit. The Man of the Tournament award was received by Ramesh of the team as he contributed to his team's ultimate victory with 39 points' contribution in the tournament. The Runner-up Trophy & Rs. 30 lakhs were given away to MSG Delhi ke Diler.

TRL Finals Delhi

Vijay Goyal, Centre' s Sports Minister, Munish   Grover, Haryana's   Cooperative Minister & Kulwant Bajigar, MLA   Guhla Cheeka were the dignitaries present to grace the finals.

MSG Toofani   Sher were towering since the beginning of the match , though MSG Delhi ke Diler fought bravely , but they witnessed the thrashing at the end. Giving whole credit to mentorship of Revered Guruji, the winning team players said that they followed the game technique taught by Guruji in Toto, which resulted a huge Victory. They were overjoyed .

Cultural Programme

The closing ceremony was marked with a variety of cultural programme in which the students of Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institution's spellbound all   by their mesmerising performances.

Cultural Programme TRL

The winners & the Runners"“up were honoured by Revered Guruji & the Centre Sports Minister Vijay Goyal , who handed over the respective trophies & cheques to the respective teams. The Man of the Match was crowned with     the electric bike's key & the MSG Gift Hamper, and the Man of the Tournament was graced with Alto K-10 & MSG Gift Hamper.

Man of the Tournament