Apr 17, 2017

Ocean of Devotion in Chachian Nagri, Himachal Pradesh

16 April 17, 2017 witnessed the Spiritualsermons by the Spiritual Master of DeraSachaSauda, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh JiInsan in ChachiyaNagri, Himachal Pradesh. Below are the excerpts from the same for the benefit of all the readers.

The Satsang started with the holy song "Satsang Aana Kabhi Bhool na Jana". Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan welcomed the people who had come from nearby and far-off places to benefit from the spiritual discourses. He also bestowed His blessings and congratulated everyone on the pious month of April since the Dera Sacha Sauda was established in the month of April in 1948.

Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan further explained the meaning of Satsang and why it is important for any individual to listen to Satsang. In Hindi, "Sat" means the truth and "Sang" means companionship, so Satsang refers to the companionship of truth. That which never changes or alters is known as the "Truth", and since times immemorial the only constant, the only unalterable in this universe is Almighty. You can call Him with various names, various synonyms, like Almighty, Lord, Allah, God- It is the only Supreme Power that has been, is, and will always remain the truth and is omnipotent. Everything else in this universe is subject to change, be it the earth, planets, stars or any spacial objects. So "Sat" or the truth refers to Almighty. "Sang" is the mode of meeting that Almighty, where you learn how to see the Supreme, be the benefactor of His grace- to see the One who is never born and never dies and yet resides in each one of us and in each particle of this universe. We all wish to know and see that omnipresent and omnipotent power. That place where Almighty's grace is discussed and the method to see and meet the Supreme entity is told, is known as the "Sang". So "Satsang" is that where the mode to meet the Almighty is taught, without making any altercations or changes to the external appearances or one's faith or religion and without receiving any cash or kind. These are the characteristics of Satsang.


People often ask why is it so important to come to Satsang when they have every worldly amenity and luxury with them already.Truly asked, but are these people also aware of what the future beholds for them. Would they be aware if in future they are to suffer from a chronic deadly disease? What if the family has to suffer or business has to suffer or some deadly calamity has to be faced, although we pray that these things never happen to anyone. Is it possible for anyone to stop such things from happening either with the help of money or intelligence or luxury? It is impossible for them to do so. The only way to make it possible, to be able to bypass such disastrous suffering, is through meditation alone. That is why everyone should come to the Satsang. It can help you save from future calamities, it gives you such a huge amount of will power that you and your family can live happily always. Money cannot guarantee peace and happiness. We have seen and met millionaires and some of the richest in the world, but the common problem told is that they do not have peace of mind and cannot sleep well despite the luxurious mattresses and all the money. On the other hand, there are people who meditate, who sleep on earth under the open skies, they get a deep and healthy sleep. So who is the happier one here- the one who despite the money cannot sleep or the one who works hard all day and gets a deep sleep even on the raw earth, waking up when the sun shines. The latter is definitely the happier one, he works hard and is tension free.

Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan told a short story about a very rich person, a trader, who earned infinite using unfair means. His accountant was a wise man. He once asked his accountant about whom and how much donation should he make so that his forthcoming generations can live happily. It is a well-known fact that the ones with rich forefathers can end up in poverty and the ones with poor forefathers can be rich too, this is quite common. The accountant tried to persuade him by saying that he had enough to feed his almost 11 generations. The trader got sad and said who will feed my 12th generation. The accountant then asked him to give dinner to a spiritually enlightened poor laborer. The trader went to him and offered him food. The poor laborer asked him to wait and checked inside with his wife, after a while he came out and refused to take the food saying that he already had some food for the next day and that the trader could feed some other needy person. The trader suddenly realized that the laborer, though poor had enough for a day and was not worried for his future whereas he was worried for the 12th generation.

Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Sachkhand Dham (HP) Satsang highlight

Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan explained that the rich people have the same body and eat the same as any other human being. Today people are running after money and spend their entire lives for collecting the riches and towards the end of their lives their own children discard them while taking control of the whole wealth. One should earn and may be keep a fraction like 25-50% for their children but must also spend and put efforts in human welfare so that you and your generations can live peacefully.

Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Sachkhand Dham (HP)

It is only in the spiritual discourses that one comes to know about the true wealth of life. One can earn, but should do so by fair means. Wealth amassed by torturing someone or by using unfair means can never give peace, will lead to diseases and ill health and will always be the source of spiritual discomfort. Try to involve in simple humanitarian activities like helping the needy, giving water to thirsty, helping the poor to get his daughter married etc. If one continues to meditate and involve oneself in humanitarian activities, it will lead to infinite inner peace and happiness. One is bound to leave every worldly possession at the time of death. No relative, no possession and no luxury accompanies the soul at the time of death, the only thing that still accompanies you is the devotional wealth earned using meditation and welfare acts. It stays with you forever and can neither be stolen or distributed.


Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Sachkhand Dham (HP) Satsang highlight         


Dharmas are much ahead of science

Revered Saint DrGurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan said that our Dharmas, Religious scriptures had long before mentioned all about the things that are the latest inventions/discoveries for today's science. For eg., Vedas had mentioned thousands of years back about multiple life supporting planets and it is only recently that NASA has agreed about multiple solar systems and planets with life. Indian Culture and Vedas have been the source of immense knowledge for the entire world. The American scientist Mr Robert Open hammer agreed that he got the inspiration to create Atomic weapon from the Amodya Shastra of Mahabharata. The irony is that many Indians these days refuse to believe Mahabharata by considering it a myth. Our science and culture was so rich that we could not only release an atomic weapon, we were also able to stop it post release, whereas today once released, there is no way that the weapon can be stopped. Indian culture is non-comparable in the entire world. In our culture the mother cares for her infant so much that she herself sleeps on wet bed to provide dry bed to her child. These children later on become the helping hand when the parents get old. So be proud of the Indian culture and heritage, there was a time when the Indian Rupee had a greater value than the US dollar.

Meditation Increases Willpower

If you leave your vices and meditate, you can be the beacon of hope and path paver for many. Our country has been the "Guru" for many and still can be, today we are a nation full of tension because we have forgotten our rich culture and heritage. Meditation increases will power and self-confidence and such people can win a lost battle too. Meditation gives will power that helps you to overcome diseases even at their last stages. We cannot give Almighty anything since He is the creator of everything, we should always ask and seek from God. He in turn will take our vices and fulfill us with happiness.

Saint DrGurmeet Ram Rahim Singh JiInsan also blessed the people who helped save lives of other human beings and appreciated their selfless efforts for their service.

Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Sachkhand Dham (HP) Satsang highlight