Mar 25, 2013

One Must Adopt Positive Thoughts Neglecting the Negative Ones

"Those who recite Gurumantra (God's Words), Almighty God always take care of them at every step." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pita Ji" by over 50 million faithful followers).

Those who meditate and render selfless services, become capable of acquiring the Holy Grace and Compassion. So one must be internally pure and have good & noble thoughts and do good deeds. If one has any negative thought, it is advised not to follow it. Scant meditation (after the surfacing of negative thoughts) nullifies their results. One must always pray, "O Lord! I must not get any kind of negative thought in me. Kindly bestow YOUR Grace, so that I may always get the positive thoughts and succeed all the time and perpetually acquire happiness.

One must serve the God's creation without bothering for the fruits thereof because God will bestow the fruit Himself. If one is determined to achieve anything then one will definitely achieve that with the resort to God's Name, otherwise one would not be able to search out the Almighty and permanent happiness. If one wants everlasting happiness then one must ask for that from God, Himself and demote negative thoughts. Always adopt positive thoughts and pray to the Lord for adopting the positive virtues of others too. So that one can get the honor and respect in the society, become virtuous and brimful of happiness. Those who pray to Almighty and render altruistic services and abide by the preaching's they definitely get their wishes fulfilled. So one must concentrate on God's Words and move ahead on the path of truth. This way, one would become satiated with Holy Grace.