Feb 5, 2013

One Must Have Egoless Heart

If a man does not have a pure and egoless heart sans vices, he cannot have access to the Almighty God. His Excellency Guru ji says, "as a sheath cannot hold two swords at a time; same way, a body cannot accommodate egoism and divine love simultaneously".

Ego and arrogance lead a man away from cosmic love. So, after giving up egoism and inner vices only man comes in proximity to the Divine sanctuary as well it would make him imbibed with holy grace.

God Almighty has blessed the man with autonomy. However, it depends upon the man which kinds of deeds he performs. In this era, man lets himself engaged in nocuous actions while ignoring the virtuous ones which bring him very close to the cobweb of sorrows. As a result, the happiness flees away. Prevailing social evils like carnal desires and homosexuality are detrimental to the society and to the individual as well. While moving on this dangerous way, they are inviting the deadly diseases like AIDS to harm themselves. Although, one performs these deeds inside a closet yet its consequences will never be hidden from anyone and he must be afflicted from various worries and tensions. At that time, he would indeed apologize for his deeds but everything would result in vain then.

Internet is a treasure trove of knowledge but the main issue is its misuse. A section of people uses its services for immorality aspect. Indeed, this would encroach to the prosperity of the society as well of the individual. His Highness Guru ji explicates five foes of a man like lust, anger, avarice, attachment, arrogance and assures that one can save himself from aforesaid vices along with mann (evil force inside the man) and wealth. Confession for the committed sins coupled with regular meditation lets the man imbue with the hue of divine grace.