Mar 9, 2013

People Driven by Mann Remain Deprived of Everything

"The Almighty God keeps on bestowing the holy grace and He is present in each and every particle. He blesses everyone with the deluge of grace but still some people remain deprived of that." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pitaji" by over 50 million faithful). The root causes of being deprived of are lack of meditation, defying the holy sermons, and driven by mann (negative aspect of mind). Mann is the greatest enemy of man. One can save oneself from the external enemies but the mann always accompanies the person. It keeps on originating the negative and nocuous thoughts. Mann makes one away from the Almighty God. Even if you are sitting to recite God then too it can give the negative thoughts to you and due to that you got involved in back biting, slandering and criticizing others.

One must conquer the mann. And this is possible only with the meditation, selfless services, and asking the God from God Himself. Lust, avarice, ego, and anger all are the slaves of the mann. It makes the man egoistic and keeps him away from the Divine happiness. It makes you lusty and makes you to break all the relations. So it is great requisite to tame it. Until the man fights with it he cannot win over it.

If you would remain free then the mann would make you like the devil. If you don't abide by the holy sermons then Saints are not on fault. On following the preachings one never remains deprived of happiness. If you follow the mann on regular basis then he afflicts from the sorrows, worries and tensions. Moreover, he gets diverted from the true path. So one must not be driven by mann. It keeps deluding you in every second. It is imperative that one must remember the holy sermons and follow that to get the happiness. Therefore the man must tame the mann and recite and render altruistic services. Get domination over your mann. In this way, you would be brimmed full of spiritual bliss and happiness.