Pious Maha Rehmokaram Day Celebrated with utmost zeal and grandeur

On 26th Feb 2017, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan conducted the holy satsang on account of “Maha Rehmokaram Diwas”, the day when the Revered Saint Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj took over the responsibility of Dera Sacha Sauda officially. This royal day falls on 28th Feb and satsang for the same was conducted on 26th Feb.
As Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan came into the satsang pandal, the followers rejoiced and greeted their spiritual Master and sought his blessings. His holiness congratulated everyone on this pious occasion of Maha Rehmokaram Diwas and wished everyone happiness in their lives and a great spiritual health and healing.
He said that it was impossible to payback for the beneficence that Shah Satnam ji Maharaj did. Spiritual saints incarnate for the welfare of every person. Those who have faith and walk the path shown by them, live a happy life. Others live their lives according to their karmas. It is possible to create new karmas by doing good humanitarian services and getting rid of one’s vices. So one should celebrate this day by doing welfare activities to seek divine blessings. But it depends on how much the individual follows. This is the era of “Kalyuga”, and anyone can make much ado about nothing due to the negative power “Man” that resides in everyone. Man gives negative and random thoughts, and those who act according to that eventually distance themselves from the Almighty.
On this day, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan also blessed the people who were watching HKNKJ movie in the theatres. Shah Satnam ji Maharaj guided us all to see and feel Almighty, it is impossible to thank him using any words. But still we bow and salute Him millions of time to Shah Satnam ji who enabled millions of human beings to live a happy life. Shah Satnam ji is guiding us and enabling us to do whatever we do. We together have to unite and work towards improving the society for good, although it is tough but we will continue to walk this path. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan said that it is time to ignite the beacon and show path to others, and to eradicate the negative. Those who kill innocent beings, suffer hell after death and even when alive and those who believe in Almighty and follow the righteous path are taken to the Anaami. It is a sin to commit atrocities and it is also a sin to bear atrocities.
Shah Satnam ji Said “Hum the, Hum hain, Hum hi Rahenge”. Those who follow the guidance of Saints with righteousness and genuineness are the ones who get divine happiness while those who do not have the right feelings and just fall into the trap of comparisons do not get spiritual bliss. It is very important for everyone to meditate and to control the mind. One must do it for 15 min or half an hour daily in the morning and evening to seek inner joy. Meditation and Sewa, both are important to control “Mana” and negative thoughts. The one who has control over his thoughts is the happiest person on this earth. If you cannot control your thoughts, the least you should do is not to perform negative acts, even that will make you lucky. Do not act as per the negative thoughts of your mind and seek control over your actions, this will give you inner peace and joy in your life. Sewa and meditation are the two tools to have control over oneself. Shah Satnam ji taught us how to seek this self-control through meditation, but it depends on the person whether he meditates or not. Thoughts are very powerful and never leave, meditation is the only way to control them. Meditate to seek God’s grace and divine happiness.
It is easy to say that you belong to Satguru but it is difficult to say that you follow the sermons of Satguru. It is important to follow the sermons of Satguru to earn contentment and pleasure in life. Once you start following the sermons of the saint, you will realize how much pleasure of divine joy you had been missing in your life, you will realize how much time had been wasted without following true saint’s sermons. So follow the spiritual guidance 100%. Many folks here were suffering from many physical ailments, addictions of drugs, liquor, prostitution, etc but with the divine blessings of Almighty, today they stand on top in terms of divine love of Almighty, which is a big deal. Many thankful people are receiving the divine happiness and will continue to do so, if the negative power is spreading really fast, then the divine power of Almighty is also spreading with double the speed.
Guruji told followers to recite God’s name on regular basis and don’t indulge in negative things like gossiping and fighting with others. Always think of doing good deeds rather bad and don’t get jealous from others. He further told that god’s blessings always shower upon on people with good deeds and Saints always pray for the betterment and well being of all human beings.

Following these marriages were held; one was Bhagat Yodha- Vidhwa Vivah where educated boy was married to a widow under one of the 128 welfare works and the other one was marriage of Kul Ka Crown where the boy went to girl’s house after marriage and lineage was followed by girl’s name. Guruji offered both the couples 25000 rs cheques from his own earnings. Other marriages were also held following these.
Tricycles were given to the handicapped and house keys were given to the ones who were deprived of that built and constructed by followers. Guruji blessed all of them and asked everybody to follow sermons of Saints always and keep doing good deeds.