Jan 25, 2011

Pita Ji cleared doubts of disciple.

Mr. Ram Gopal S/O Late Sh. Krishan Chand Arora (Retired S.E.), B-2, Shah Satnam Ji Nagar, Sirsa Haryana. He narrates his experience of the holy grace of Satguru in his own words. I am going to explain an incident of miracle happened by His Holiness's grace written by my Late father in his personal Diary. In 1969, my father was working as overseer in canal judicator. He was blessed with alms of Naam Shabd. One day, an absurd speculation arose in his mind that Pitaji is not much educated to converse in English language. He was a novice satsangi [devotee] and hence was not much acquainted about the divinity of Satguru ji. He always observed His Holiness to talk in Punjabi dialect with the followers. Although, His Holiness Himself is the creator of all languages, how He could be unaware about any of these!!! One day, as usual, when my father was sitting in contemplation then Guruji appeared before him and talked in English language fluently. To listening that, my father was very much surprised and astonished. Then he whole heartedly apologized at the pious lotus feet of Satguru ji. It is a real fact if anyone tries to scrutinize the divinity of saints, he promptly gets his doubts cleared and he repents for his committed silly mistakes. Consequently, he gets his faith more firmed towards his master.