Jan 25, 2011

Pitaji blessed a devotee by making his son alive

Mr. Jagdev Singh S/O Charan Singh, Village Naruana, Pitaji blessed a devotee by making their son alive I would like to add that we were eagerly waiting for your gift as a new champ to enter in our family. It was the time of my wife's delivery and we were in Kataria Hospital, Dabwali. In 2002, she delivered a baby and we christened him as Karmpal. After his birth, when his proper check up was done, doctor told us that he is not fit and healthy and will not survive for a long time. As per the doctor's instructions, we admitted the champ to Beekaner hospital. Doctor told us that the champ's heart valve is closed. After six days, doctor made us shocked that he can't treat and save the kid further. Later on, another doctor told us that the champ would be operated and it would cost above 3 lacs. We were quite upset, came back home and slept. In the next early morning at 4:00 AM, we found him dead. We sat around him and started doing meditation and started praying. We asked His Holiness Guruji, "kindly save this child and we will dedicate him at your feet or in other sense, we will send him for becoming sat brahmchari." Suddenly, at 2.30 PM, we saw that there was a movement in his foot. We all were disconsolately sitting around the champ. All relatives and neighbors were astonished to see the champ. For his breathing was in normal condition. We were actually waiting for his maternal grandparents. On the very next day, we took the champ to the Ashram in order to say thanks to Pitaji. Guruji advised us for giving medicine to the kid. After one year, when we again took the champ to the ashram in order to dedicate him at the lotus pious feet of Satguru ji as per our commitment. However, gracious murshid ji handed over the kid back to us. The happiness gained by us was really ineffable.