Mar 30, 2015

Rape Victims Shall be Offered For Marriage by 'Dera Sacha Sauda' Followers

'Dera Sacha Sauda' Followers will Marry The Gang-Rape Victims

The monthly 'Satsang' was organized on Sunday in the 'Dera Sacha Sauda' ashram in which thousands of followers from various states took part.

Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan with his holy voice narrated the glory of 'Satsang' in the discourse program. On this occasion 10,865 people took the method of meditation and took pledge to leave the drugs, non-vegetarian food and other vices. During the 'Satsang' Revered Guruji added one more bead to the ongoing garland of 105 human welfare programs run by 'Dera Sacha Sauda'. In the form of 106th welfare program, Revered Guruji asked the followers that those interested shall marry the gang rape victims. All the people present in the 'pandal' raised their both hands in affirmation and promised to make this work a success. During the 'Satsang', in the presence of Revered Guruji, many marriages were also solemnized.

During the 'Satsang', Revered Guruji announced one more human welfare program to be started. Revered Guruji informed that the interested 'BhaktYodhas' will marry those girls who have been victims of gang rape. These girls will first be provided proper medical treatment. Only with the consent of the girl and her parents, she will get married. Also, His Holiness Guruji asked the followers that whenever they hear about such victims then they should get in touch with the girl's family and inform the responsible volunteers. On raising this issue, the followers took pledge to support this welfare work.

Before this, in the discourse Revered Guruji told why 'Satsang' is important? 'Satsang' words is formed by combining two words 'Sat' and 'Sang'. 'Sat'   means 'truth' and 'Sang' implies 'association'. One should associate himself with truth. Now the question is where to find truth and at which place. In these era of vices, it is hard to find 100% truth at any place. He told that even it is impossible to find 70-80% truth. It is a daunting task to find whom to believe and whom not to . His Holiness Guruji told that in this whole world there is one truth which never changes. This truth is since time immemorial. Association with this truth brings immense happiness while living and salvation after death. This truth is none other than only one, the true name of 'Allah', 'Waheguru', 'Ram'. Even if one chooses not to have his company but 'God' always remains with them. Whether one believes it or not, He resides within all. Some people ask that if God resides in human then why He doesn't stop the person when he commits any bad deed. Whenever a person does a wrongdoing, an inner voice definitely obstructs him not to do that. But then another voice misguides that the whole world is doing that and it would not make much difference if he will also commit any bad deed. The first voice is of the soul and the other one is that of evil mind. It is usually said that if God is super powerful then why He cannot prevent one from committing wrong or evil doings? The God has given vow to not stopping directly anyone in this world. God has sent His saints in this world and when people follow their teachings, they will be receiving happiness not only of this world but also of the other world. A person should have trust in Saint's sermons. One should not change the preachings of saint while telling to others and for himself to suit his own interests. Whatever saints say is in accordance with God's will and those who start believing them soon get loads of happiness. The fruit one receives is according to the reverence he or she has. The 'God', 'Allah','Waheguru','Ram' has in His knowledge and observing all of the beings. He is watching each and every one at all times. And the reward that one receives is according to his own reverence. If one is egoistic and selfish, then one day his pride is sure to be shattered. Selfish people can aptly be referred to as demons rather than humans. In today's world, being selfish is more common. The truth is that mostly people today want to have friendship with those people who either are having high profile position in society, or having money and property with them or are having beautiful daughter or daughter in law at their home. But not all people are same. There are even good persons who create friendship only to have selfless love. A good friend is not one who just gives his affirmation to all your doings but one who tells about your negative qualities on your face. The one who praises your wrong doings is not worthy of being a friend. In this world, there is only one true friend who never breaks the friendship and who always makes you aware of right and wrong. He is none other than Allah, Waheguru , Ram. If He holds your hands, He will never ever leave that in both the worlds. He will make his children praise worthy not only in this world but also in the next world. But to make Him your friend, a lot needs to be sacrificed. One has to shun egoism, selfishness, drugs, back biting and other bad habits. If a man thinks it is impossible to leave all these things, then he should leave only one thing that not to do any misdeed where God is watching and there is no such place where God does not exist. He is present in all things and at all places.

Explaining the significance of the 'Satsang',Revered Guruji told that similar to schools and colleges where teaching is conducted, 'Satsang' is a place where it is taught not to do wrong doings. At present, you may be doing but later on you will realize that you have to bear the painful fruits of your own wrong doings. The wrong doings of a person drown him and makes him a devil. But the good deeds transform a demon into a human and further a pious man. The effect of 'Satsang' is significant on human beings. Revered Guruji told not to have company of bad people but to have company of good people. If one goes and sits near a fire, the wind makes your cloth fall on fire, they get burnt. Similarly, if one chooses to sit near the flowers, then your clothes will be laced with good fragrance of flowers. The same way if one keeps company of the saints, not only he but also his generations will be benefited.Revered Guruji told that the saints only make requests, those who listen and then follow them find eternal happiness. A person is destroyed due to bad company. So, one should never keep bad company.Revered Guruji told that 'Satsang' is the best company one can keep. Those who participates in 'Satsang', they find and attain the God  and  receive ultimate happiness; not only for them but also get benefited their generations.

In the  holy presence of  Revered Guruji, the couples who got married took pledge to donate their bodies and eyes after their deaths.

His Excellency Guruji handed over the keys of the newly constructed house to the needy under the 'Aashiana- Homely Shelter for needy' campaign of 'Dera Sacha Sauda', .

HE also presented a cheque from the 'Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing' welfare fund of rupees one lakh to Smt. Sahibo Devi w/o Dhyan Chand resident of Block Kathiana, District Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh for the treatment of his ailing son.

Also, under the 'Saathi' campaign, a tri-cycle was presented to handicapped woman Smt. Krishna resident of Sardulgarh, Punjab