Jan 25, 2011

Respected Satguru Ji saved and succored His disciple from deathly accident

Mr. Ram Lal S/O Late Sh. Hakamlal, Mandi Dabwali, Sirsa, Haryana. Respected Satguru Ji saved and succored His disciple from deathly accident He illustrates the live example of divine blessings of Revered Mastana Ji Maharaj on him as follows: In 1953, I went to attend the satsang of Mastana Ji Maharaj with my grandmother at village Bakainwala near Abohar, District Firozpur. I was just nine years old at that time. After listening to the satsang, I learnt the method of meditation from Him. There was a wrestling match after the satsang. The winner had to be rewarded by a gold Ginni and the looser, plate of silver. My family got shifted to Dabwali Mandi in 1957. Before that we used to live in Abohar. One day, I went with my mother to a nearby place for getting the clothes washed off. There was a cemented tank of water which was quite deep. While helping my mother in washing clothes, my foot slipped off and I fell into the tank. Suddenly I got hold of the rope with which the water bucket was tied. I was much scared and enchanted the Naara, "Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra". The same moment my loving Satguru Ji appeared and blessed me. Guru ji uttered the following words "Don't worry dear son! Nothing will happen to you." Meanwhile my mother screamed for help and a huge crowd gathered there for helping us. Those people took me out of the tank with the help of the rope. I thanked my Guru Ji a tons for saving my life. In the divine shelter of my Respected Guru Ji, I am still the devotee of Dera Sacha Sauda. The present Guruji, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji is also preaching us the same way as it was used to be in times of Mastana Ji Maharaj and Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj. It would be accurate to say that all the three bodies are part of single Divine light. We seek your blessings throughout our life. Honoring me with His divine glance Guru Ji said "Don't worry son! We will make you healthy like a running horse. You will be joining back your duty on 12th day from today. You are about to render your selfless services to the sangat(the devotees) more in the future." With the blessings of Pitaji, I was on my duty right on the 12th day. I cannot explain the greatness of my Guru Ji in words. According to the doctors, I would never be able to recover fully from the injury, however it took 3-4 months in recovery and my Satguru Ji really made me healthy like a horse! If my Guru Ji were not with me, I would have never recovered fully. Thank You so much my Guru Ji and I pray at your lotus pious feet for your bountiful of blessings with me always.