May 10, 2013


Shahi Aasra Ashram

Children who were abused and lost have found their friend and Holy Guide in one. Spiritual healing is the uppermost for emotional scars. God cares for those whom the world doesn't ever look at !! With regard to these hapless orphans who were either employed as child laborers or were roadside waifs "“ Guruji has given them a new beginning. All these children address Guruji as 'Papa' while Papa Guru gives them blessings as well as worldly love. In a world when people have largely forgotten the actual meaning of love "“ Guruji has made them forget the word 'orphan'. The children study in accredited schools and are encouraged to pursue outdoor activities. To help their all round development, Guruji takes part in their smallest joys. They can be seen picnicking and traveling with Guruji. Today when parents struggle to bring up even small families, Guruji bestows affection to so many. The joy that they receive is visible on their faces. This is the work of a Saint, to soothe and heal with words, gestures, deeds and sermons. This shelter was inaugurated on 11 November, 2004 by Guruji. Guruji ensures their all round development and gives them guidance and affection. Restoring their childhood needs compassion that only a True Saint can give.