Mar 21, 2013

Saints Always Pray For Everyone

"Saints always convey the holy messages of the Almighty God. Saint pronounce whatever they are ordained by the God." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pita Ji" by over 50 million faithful followers). A few further excerpts of the Satsang are as follows:-

One must introspect whether the Saint has said or done something wrong with him. So, why do you divert yourself from the Saint's path just because of the delusion created by the people driven by mann (negative aspect of mind). What kind of devotion and humanity a person is following? For example a sheep tempted by the green grass in the well jumps into it and the other fellow sheeps too jump into the well following the first. This is the terrible era of vices (kaliyuga). Here, none is happy to see a person contented and has a good salary, home, family, and money then people  doesn't  like it. All are not alike but most of the people fall in this category. They think that if they are depressed or sad so none must be happy. In this kaliuga, if one is a good devotee of Almighty, God then others can't tolerate. People try to divert them from the path of devotion and the mann also acts as catalyst in this regard. Why will Saints say anything wrong to anyone? Their motive is to unite the people with the God so why will they let anyone to depart? They always pray and ask for everyone's well being. Man is limited to his mind.

Any volunteer or any representative of the Ashram says something wrong to a person and a section of people say that they have been appointed and designated by the Saint. Rather Saints always say everyone to render selfless services, have mutual love, recite the Gurumantra and never hurt anyone's emotions. Man is autonomous. He works as per his wish. But due to the delusion by mann he becomes egoistic and speaks anything bad againt/to anyone. Here one must use one's mind that a person is not for the materialistic friendship rather one is friends with the Saint and God. Slandering and censuring change the mindset of man. Saints are efficient to read every thought of man merely by seeing the face. These are the principles of nature. Saints never wish immoral for anyone, how can they do it? You have only divine love; so one must tell when the Saint or God said anything wrong or hurt one in any way? Mann and people deluded by it want a person to get diverted from the true path. They think, if they are in isolation from God why others should there be in His sanctuary? So, one must be aware of such people. Saints always pray for the welfare of all so that everyone must get united with the Almighty. And they must be blessed with the happiness forever. Saints always say the truth and truth is always bitter. But if someone abides by the truth then immense happiness is bestowed upon that person and his/her family.

During the evening majlis His Holiness Guru Ji exhorted that God's name was the treasure trove of happiness. Those who don't adopt Gurumantra, they can never enhance their will power and consequently become internally weak. They remain ensnared in the cobweb of sorrows, worries and tensions increasing the tendencies for suicide. Scientists also cohere with this fact.

In scriptures it is mentioned since eon, with the resort to meditation man gets self confidence and will power. And with this he gets success in each and every field. So, one must enhance the self confidence by repeating the God's words to get rid of sorrows, worries and tensions. Man must abide by the holy sermons. Those who don't, they remain deprived of everything.

One must recite to get the good and noble thoughts inside him. There is no need to change the religion, attire or physical appearance for meditation. Just keep on repeating the God's name in your thoughts even while doing the daily chores of life. This way, a person gets the fruitful results. Self confidence cannot be purchased from anywhere. With meditation only one can obtain it. Repeating God's words even by sauntering and doing daily chores of life one gets brim full of happiness.