May 22, 2023

Amanjot Kaur Insan: A Remarkable Story of Humanity and Organ Donation

The world we live in is constantly evolving and changing. Amidst all the chaos and challenges, there are some individuals who dedicate their lives to serving humanity. Their selfless contributions to society have left a lasting impact on the world, even after their death. These real humans have lived for humanity, and their legacies continue to inspire and guide generations.

Along the same lines, the devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda not only while living but also leave behind an indelible testament of humanity after their death. A similar example was set by a Dera Sacha Sauda volunteer, Amanjot Kaur Insan (20), a resident of the Sachkhand village Bhari, nestled within the Ambala district. Amanjot Kaur succumbed to a devastating road accident on 26th April 2023, while en route to Polytechnic College in Ambala city.

However, amidst this heart-wrenching tragedy, the family members manifested an unseen rarest of rare examples of compassion and selflessness. Inspired by the divine teachings of Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, Amanjot Kaur's family decided to honor her legacy by donating her organs. In an awe-inspiring act of benevolence, her organs became a source of renewed hope and vitality for three fortunate individuals, granting them the gift of fresh life.

Through this extraordinary act of organ donation, Amanjot Kaur continues to radiate her compassionate spirit, forever embodying the essence of humanity's boundless love and generosity.

Doctors declared brain dead after being injured in 'road accident'

According to the information, Amanjot Kaur Insan's father Gurdeep Singh Insan told that my daughter Amanjot Kaur used to study at Government Polytechnic College, Ambala. She was going to study with her friend. While on the way, an unknown car driver hit her motorcycle from behind, due to which Amanjot Kaur fell on the road.

Amanjot Kaur suffered a deep head injury during the accident, she was immediately admitted to the Civil Hospital in Ambala City. But due to the non-availability of treatment there, he was immediately referred to PGI Chandigarh. For many days the doctors tried very diligently to save her, but after some time the doctors declared her brain dead. That was the toughest moment for the family members.

Humanitarian acts brought peace & satisfaction to the core!

Despite this heavy sorrow, the father of Amanjot Kaur said that by following the pious teachings of Revered Guru Saint Dr. MSG, he decided to donate his daughter's organs. Amanjot Kaur's heart was transplanted to a 26-year-old youth at Medanta Hospital in Gurugram.

PGI Medical Officer Prof. Dr. Vipin Kaushal said that Amanjot Kaur's lungs were transplanted to a 62-year-old woman at MGM Hospital in Chennai. The liver was transplanted to one patient PGI.

Amanjot Kaur left the world leaving an indelible mark on humanity by giving life to three people who lost their hope of living!

Amanjot Kaur’s father and the whole family were feeling proud that though their daughter is not in this world today, she left this world after giving new life to three people. All this is done by the inspiration of Revered Guru Saint Dr. MSG.

This truth speaks of a life truly lived, a life illuminated by the radiant light of service to others and to humanity at large. For it is in these acts of compassion and benevolence that we find the essence of our own existence, the true measure of our worth.

It is the pious teaching of Respected Guru Ji that volunteers never step back in donating blood, organs, eyes, and even the whole body after death. With the pious guidance and teachings of Revered Guruji, these real humans make a positive impact on the lives of others, transcending their mortal existence and leaving an indelible mark on humanity.