Jan 25, 2011

Satguru Ji listened to prayers.

Mr. Bhag Singh (Ex Constable), Village Himmatpura, Moga, Punjab. On 7th of June, 1991, I completed my service as army man and after retirement I used to take care of my fields. One day, my daughter came to me and complained about my son, Sukhwant, that she was asking for a acacia sprig (used for teeth cleaning in rural areas) from him for so many days and he was not listening to her. I asked my son for the same. He refused to bring it and started abusing. I lost my temper and abused him bitterly. My son got more furious at this. Before any fight could occur between us, a boy, Bhola Singh, from our neighborhood came and asked me to take my son with him so that the matter could cool down. I agreed to this. But my son was infuriated due to my behavior. He kept his turban, bedding and shoes inside a room which was near to the tube well (motor) of our fields. Sudden thoughts of suicide surrounded his minds and he went to a nearby river to kill himself. After sometime Bhola Singh came to us and asked about him. He said that Sukhwant has not come to his place. My family got scared at listening this. We all ran here and there in search of him. Some went towards our fields while some towards the motor. We yelled his name like around hundred times but didn't get any response. I and my family were getting impatient now. Horrible thoughts were cultivating to our minds. I finally started repeating God's words and requested Guru Ji within myself " My lord, Please save my son and please send him home from wherever he is. I would never use abusive language again and would take more and more time from daily routine for the service of the society whole heartedly." Loving Guruji listened to my prayers. When my son reached the drain which was near to that river, suddenly Param Pita ji with royal dangori [walking stick] in His hand, appeared before him and asked " Where are you going my dear ?.It is too dark here." Sukhwant got horrified and returned from there. He sat down in the fields for some time and then came back home. All of us were happy and satisfied at seeing him home and thanked our revered Guru Ji for helping us. I asked him that where did he go and how did he come back. Firstly he said that he heard his mother crying so he came back. The next morning he told about the truth that Param Pita Ji sent him back. Few days after the incident, I presented before Pita Ji and requested Him to offer me some service as Sat-Brahamchari in Dera Sacha Sauda itself. Guru Ji accepted my request and I was asked to take care of some of the fields in Matsana Ji Dham. After that I served as guard at the main gate of Shah Satnam Ji Girls' School for so many years. Under the blessings of my loving Guru Ji I served for 11 years (1991-2002) as Sat-Brahamchari and then returned home with Guru Ji's permission. I didn't feel good there so I came to Sirsa along with my whole family. I am a short tempered person but it is only Guru Ji who has made me able to serve the society. I owe my Guru Ji for being with me always and pray Him to be with us always as ever.