May 15, 2013



In artificial climate controlled environment, even non-native and foreign species can be grown. Guruji has evolved low cost green house techniques to help farmers. The farmers are taught to improve sub-fertile lands and also to practice organic and dry farming.

India as a country depends on agriculture, but the sad state of agriculture has become a challenge for the country as whole. The farmers are turning away from agriculture as they think that it is not a remunerative vocation. In our country, suicides by farmers are common place. In such times, Dera Sacha Sauda is establishing new land marks in agriculture and giving hope and support to the farmers. It is helping them secure their future and progress. The farmers here are trained to reclaim barren waste lands, to grow crops on sub fertile lands, to conserve water and to do organic farming. The ashram has adopted horticulture as a thrust area. Under Guruji's guidance in every ashram in India, the orchards are blooming. As a consequence of hard work and modern techniques, everything from apple, almonds, cashews, pomegranates, litchis, dates, mango, vanilla etc, are the kind of cash crops are being grown. The whole family of citrus fruits and other fruits are also been grown and scientists from India and overseas are stunned, since the developed area was quite infertile. In Kinnow (Mandarin Orange), the Dera has been given awards by the Haryana Government. For Vanilla cultivation, a National award has been given by the Union Agriculture Minister, Sh. Sharad Pawar. Similarly, in the ashram, herbs and new varieties of vegetables are being grown. Using the polyhouse and greenhouse techniques, non-native species are regularly grown. The organic farm is certified as per the International parameters. The ashram also has a Research Centre, where advanced seeds and hybrids are developed. The Centre has also received an award for developing a very advanced hybrid seed for the cotton crop.

Guruji Modernize the Agriculture

Guruji has special interest in agriculture. He supervises the agriculture himself and even harvests the fruits and vegetables. He tills the farm himself and contributes to every aspect of agriculture from planting to harvesting. From tilling the fields to sowing and from sowing to irrigation and from irrigation to harvesting, Guruji engages at every stage with the plough, spade , shovel or sickle. Through Guruji's direct personal contact, the agriculture in the ashram is touching heights of progress and the agriculturist and farmers are learning new lessons all the time.

Guruji has inspired advanced varieties of hybrid cotton.