‘Shah Satnam Ji Gurusar Dham’, Sri Gurusar Modia, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan

Shah Satnam Ji Gurusar Dham

Holy village, Sri Gurusar Modia was inaugurated by Patriarchy members Sardar Mehar Singh Ji, Sardar Hajara Singh Ji and Sardar Bhola Singh ji in 1947 with the plantation of a kareel sapling. This village was named as ‘Gurusar’ by Sardar Mehar Singh Ji. There was a water pool named as ‘Modi’. Subsequently, this village was nominated as ‘Gurusar Modia’ by combining both names. Now, this village is known as ‘Sri Gurusar Modia’ due to its eminence and sanctity.
Once, Sardar Chita Singh ji [Present Guruji’s respected grandfather] came to Sardar Mohkam singh ji and asked, “Sardar Maghar Singh Ji [the most respected father of present Guruji] is a very innocent person but HE [referring to Guruji] would be a unique personality. Sardar Mohkam singh thought that HE would become an athlete.
True perfect Saints do incarnate on this earth for some specific objectives. When there are chaos, disharmony and discords around the world; no one can get the exhilarating experience; oppression and injustice leads to sorrows and grief; absence of sympathy, inspiration and affection lead to the pathetic condition of the people. That time the craving souls implore to the Almighty for help, and then Supreme Power sends the Spiritual Saints in this materialistic world.
Those Saints teach the spiritual lesson and impart the method to get liberation from worldly sorrows as well from the transmigration of repeated births and deaths. They love all beings selflessly and people feel the exhilarating ambience; because, Divine love is always imbibed with reality and sincerity. They do incarnate for the well being of all. There is no difference between perfect Saints and the Lord. They personify themselves as the human being and become media for the unification of soul and the Almighty. Their main motive is the welfare of mankind. They liberate the man from spiritual ailments as well from physical illness. Once, Sardar Balbeer Singh ji suggested Sardar Mohkam Singh ji to construct a hospital in the village. However, due to lack of finance this proposal was packed up.
In November 1990, Beparwah Ji conducted an impressive satsang [Spiritual discourse] there. At that time, there was the exhilarating ambience everywhere. Every single particle of the earth was thankful for the Divine visit. Respected Sai Ji stayed at the royal abode, [the residence of present Guruji] and some representatives of the village came to have the Divine vision. And His Holiness Guruji asked, “Were you discussing to build a hospital here”? All of them denied; but Sardar Mohkam Singh ji revealed the fact. Beparwah Ji asked about the acquisition of land and the layout on paper for the hospital. Some of the arbiter members went to Ganaganagar for getting the hospital construction permit by the representatives. However, they refused because they had been already started the same project since last 18 years and asked, “How will you manage the finance, while the Govt. was not able to do that?” A.D.C. [a devotee of Dera Sacha Sauda] told, “They have a readymade hospital”. He said so because he had already seen the Sachkhand Hall construction in Sirsa Ashram, which is a miracle in itself.
On this, Govt. representative asked, “You would have to pay one lakh rupees for its approval; so better to visit Jaipur, that would cost fewer amount.” After some time, with the holy grace, they got permission and it took just 1313 rupees. Revered present Guruji laid the foundation of this hospital on 7th March, and it was erected completely within 17 days only. District administrators were surprised to hear it, and all visited to see this miracle.
During the construction work, most respected Guruji sermonized, “in all other hospitals, there is only power that is the doctor’s capability; but, in this hospital there would be two i.e. God’ grace would also be there in addition to the strength of doctor’s talents.” Two very rich persons from Pilibanga reached there to donate some money. But Guruji forbade them for this donation and asked they could render physical services; because, no monetary donation was accepted there. Just after the construction of hospital, a few sewadars requested Pitaji to build an Ashram there because the caretakers along with the patients would have to face the staying problems there. His Holiness Guruji acceded to their request and sermonized, “After the completion of hospital, Ashram’s erection work will be started.” On listening to this the sound of holy slogan “Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra” was made resonant by the sadh sangat [spiritual community].
D.M. Sri Gosvami from Sri Gnaganagar reached there to see this fantabulous building. He asked Guru ji, “No money donation is accepted here; then how do YOU manage the finance for construction?” Guruji instantly replied, “The earth has an immense capability to produce sugarcane, which is used further for making sugar. As the Supreme power gives this capability to earth and sugarcane to produce sugar; same way, He bestows the financial help upon us. Secondly, the celibate volunteers used to render the selfless services in the Ashram; with their hard work, all this construction is being possible”.

Shah Satnam Ji Gurusar Dham Sri Gurusar Modia

On 17th July 1995, His Holiness Guruji inaugurated the hospital and named it as “Shah Satnam Ji General Hospital” and sermonized, “Always there would be the cool environment inside the hospital”.
On acting upon the holy sermons, a few doctors went to the city for appointing new doctors in the hospital. But they asked them, “How would you manage the hospital economically? Since, you are charging very few fees from the patients.” On this respected Guruji sermonized, “WE used to take a handful of the amount from the earth, use it as per the requirements and keep rest of the amount in earth again.” “See! How much services have been rendering by the celibate volunteers here? This hard work is more than enough to compensate all the expenditures of this construction here”, HE further added.
After the completion of hospital work, His Holiness Guruji built an Ashram on the neighboring land in HIS own guidance and christened it as “Shah Satnam Ji Gurusar Dham”. This Ashram is much beautiful and glamorous. Meals and drinking water are available here every time for the visitors. Holy grace has always been bestowing. His Holiness Guruji used to sermonize “Serving humanity is the authentic devotion”. On abiding by the preaching, everyone is attended here lovingly. Whole sadh sangat is thankful to revered Guru ji for all the benefactions bestowed on them.