May 17, 2013

Shah Satnam Ji Param Sukh Ashram, Kalote, Distt. Raigarh, Maharashtra

Shah Satnam Ji Param Sukh Ashram

This Ashram is located at 72 km away from Mumbai on Mumbai-Pune highway [NH-4]. Once, when revered Guruji conducted a satsang [spiritual discourse] in Atpadi [Maharashra], devotees from Mumbai requested Guruji to construct an Ashram in Mumbai or in its close proximity. Atpadi is 400 km far from Mumbai. When in 2000, most respected Sant ji revisited there for satsang, the devotees again implored the same. And His Holiness Guruji acceded to their earnest desire. And construction work for the Ashram was started on 16 February 2003. Although, the land was the stony; yet, it was much fertile. There is a garden laded with trees of mango and sapodilla.

The shahanshahi  'Tera-Vaas' [sacred abode] was inaugurated by His Holiness Guru ji on 28th February 2003 and sermonized, "This Ashram is suitable for some time, after that this would not be enough to accommodate the sangat [spiritual community], since innumerable people will keep visiting there and whoever will come to see this Ashram will adopt Guru mantra for sure; in turn, will experience immense ecstasy. A fantabulous octagon shaped triple storey  'Tera-Vaas' consisting of heart shaped windows is instituted there. For sadh sangat'sconvenience, number of rooms and pavilion shed is also erected. A few milch animals are reared for their milk. A tube-well is also erected there. The Ashram is built 10 feet downwards from the main road. Boundary of the Ashram is done with the thorny bushes. There is a plant nursery where various kinds of plants are grown. Moreover, there is a diggie [water reservoir] of dimensions 80x30x10 feet to store the water for agricultural works. Present Guruji has been visited this Ashram many times for conducting satsangs and emancipated numerous people by divulging the method of meditation.