Mar 6, 2013

The God Almighty is Present Everywhere

"The God Almighty is present everywhere and in every particle. But to have an access to Him, one must be form chaste within. If one has good attitude then it does not take time for a person to attain Almighty." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pita Ji" by over 50 million devotees presently). Further excerpts from the Satsang are:-

One must purify one's thoughts to attain the God. Someone asked from Saint Buley Shah Ji, "How to control mann?" He replied, "It only needs to keep it busy in other things so that it could not generate negative thoughts." To some extent it is difficult to tame it but not impossible. Abiding by the God's sermons it is very easy to control it. One must meditate, render selfless services, comply with the Holy Sermons, never let it dominate and to have firm faith on the Saint's sermons. Although the negative thoughts and vices will hold back and mann, wealth, avarice, attachment and lust will also delude a person by acting as friends but one must keep on moving on the path of divinity with firm faith. So, one must solicit God from God and be contended by meditating. If one is internally happy then only that person will distribute happiness as crying faces never give happiness to others. So, one should be always cheerful. The one who is in the divine sanctuary of a perfect Saint, should not be worried at all.

Those who meditate and render selfless services they eternally remain in high spirits. Everyone is tensed in this world. If a person is issueless, one is tensed. On the contrary if one has many children that person is also under pressure. Same way, bachelors are worried for their marriage and after marriage obviously there is strain as one has to earn for family. Shopkeepers are worried about their profit and loss.

Revered Guru Ji says that one must call upon to God for showering HIS grace so that one may follow the duties honestly and tenaciously and one must contribute some fraction of money in welfare service as well in carrying out good deeds. Kids also fret regarding their toy which is a larger toy as compared to his own or as regards to the technology used in the toy. As a child grows up, adolescents indulge in games and then in carnal desires. Bottom line is one's life is full of apprehensions since childhood. Celibate volunteers on the other side are also vexed due to many other things such as he/she coughed to tease me and he/she touched with my bed etc.

One must be happy in every condition. This is the era of vices (kaliyuga). Great Saints have stated that if the Guru scolds a person for any reason it mean that Guru is nullifying the consequence of past accumulated bad deeds. In fact the Satguru never scolds anyone, however if Guru has to do so that too for the betterment of His beloved devotee; as it eliminates the outcome of his (devotee's) terrific deeds. And, fortunate ones are those to whom HE scolds. But today, in this era of vices, Saints also have to think numerous times to say anything to anyone, be it a celibate or the householder. But everyone is not same. A section of people wait for their Guru say them anything in any demeanor. They get spiritual exhilaration and bliss and their terrific deed keep on ending rapidly. Saint's motive is to teach everyone, neither to rebuke nor to harm anyone. Rather they pray for everyone's well being.