Sep 29, 2013

Third 'Kisan & Agriculture Technology Fair' Held Successfully at Dera Sacha Sauda

Thousands of Farmers Benefited by Agricultural Show

On Thursday, the third two-day 'Kisan and Agriculture Technology Fair' exhibiting new agricultural techniques was organised at Dera Sacha Sacha. Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan inaugurated the Fair by 'joining the ribbons', a tradition customary to the organization. 43 stalls related to agriculture techniques and products were set up in the Fair. Revered Guru Ji visited and inspected all the stalls one by one and acquired information on the various agricultural products. On this occasion, several thrilling games were also organised.

While addressing the media at the inauguration ceremony of the third Agriculture Fair, Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan said that the purpose of this 'Farmer and Agricultural Technology Fair' is to make the farmers aware about the new techniques along with the old agriculture techniques and to carry out the farming with modern methods. His Holiness said that old farming techniques have no comparisons in the whole world. The Fair aims to make good agriculture practices and techniques reach more and more people.

Revered Guru Ji told that such modern agriculture instruments have been exhibited at the stalls which transforms the grass and weeds obtained after harvesting the crop into useful manure. Such types of devices were also available in the old times. The process of turning weeds into manure not only prevents pollution but also results in 4-5 quintals of more agriculture yield. His Holiness also told that these techniques have been used by Him since year 1978 and further informed that modern tools are also available in the Fair which can detect adulteration.

On conservation of water, Revered Guru Ji said that the water can also be re-used for agriculture purpose. His Holiness told that a shed can be prepared with the vines of 'Pointed Gourd' (Green Potato) and many other vegetable crops can be grown under it. This type of 'Greenhouse' shed could be set up at a very low cost.

Revered Guru Ji also offered a solution to the issue of crops storage. His Holiness told that underground storage houses could be set up alike old times to utilize the space effectively. People today, leave the old agriculture practices stating them as outdated whereas they were quite useful. His Holiness further said, "During old times, the wheat grain was stored underground along with the leaves of 'Neem' tree in Rajasthan and when the wheat was taken out from the underground storage, it was found to be perfectly good. This technique used to cost very less.

" Revered Guru Ji told that He has been engaged in agriculture activities since He was seven years old. "Organic farming is very useful. However, there is an issue of marketing in this field. Although the fertilizer sprays yields more crop but these are poisonous whereas the organic products are healthy for human body. People in big cities have started understanding the importance of the organic crops and these organic crops are fetching prices up to 2 to 2.5 times more for the farmers." said His Holiness.

Revered Guru Ji informed that a farmer training center shall be opened inside the Dera. Along with this, the farmers who will produce high crop yield and who work for the welfare of society shall be honoured too.

To halt the rising prices of vegetables, Revered Guru Ji said that if people start cultivating vegetables in their own homes then the rising prices can be controlled. Even if in a small area, two seeds of 'Long Gourd' are sown, it will serve an entire family for several months. His Holiness told that if the bathing water is filtered by the sand and small stones, then this water can be used for agriculture. Revered Guru Ji referred to His birth place Sri Gurusar Modia, Rajasthan as an example for conservation of water and said that there was a lot of shortage of water and water used to be brought with the help of camels. People used to put a wooden plank at the place of bathing. Below the plank, loose soil was put which later on was used as wet mud for applying on the walls and floor. Along with this, vegetables were cultivated on the fine sand, because of which, they didn't need buying vegetables from market.

Explaining about the innovative designed cars that were exhibited in the Agriculture Fair, Revered Guru Ji told that these are the accidental cars that have been modified into a modern look. People discard their vehicles considering them as a waste and that scrap is used to design these innovative cars.

Revered Guru Ji inspected all the stalls individually:

After the inauguration, Revered Guru Ji visited each stall and inspected them minutely. His Holiness took the information about the various products exhibited in the Fair and inquired about the well being of people who brought these various products while blessing them with His pious Grace. The people who participated in the Fair felt themselves very blessed and were telling about their products to Guru Ji proudly.

Every stall in the Fair attracted the crowd. On one stall, modern agriculture instruments were exhibited, while on another stall named as 'Holding the Heritage', the agriculture devices from old times were displayed. On the stall of organic products, many organic fruits, vegetables and crops produced by the 'Dera Sacha Sauda' such as pear, gooseberry, radish, black gram, maize, jaggery etc were a center of attraction of the Fair. The stall displaying agricultural instruments developed by using the techniques told by Revered Guru Ji also attracted the spectators at most. It included vehicle specially designed for agriculture works, the tool for catching the snake and other devices. At the center of all the stalls, what made everyone spellbound was the stall of attractive cars designed by Revered Guru Ji. Also, huge crowd was seen at the stall of 100 welfare activities carried out by Dera Sacha Sauda. The stalls of Dera Chachiyanagri from Himachal Pradesh, Sach Nursery, Fruits & Vegetables etc were also a special attraction in the Fair. People purchased various agriculture tools, instruments, seeds etc from the Fair. The tractor with air conditioned cabin also got too much acclamation in the Fair.

During the Fair, two extraordinary games were played. In the first game, a strong iron shackle was tied between two tractors to test their power. The drivers of both the tractors tried their best to showcase their vehicle power and manoeuvrability. Another game was played after this in which the target was to park the tractor and its associated trolley straight backwards. In the competition, the winners were given cash rewards.

Colorful cultural program was also organized in the Fair. The students of the Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions presented dance and Bhangra on 'Ram piya ka baj raha re nagada' and 'Nambardara da munda tractor chalounda' etc. The various agriculture scientists and farmers who participated in the Fair described it as an admirable bounty by Dera Sacha Sauda institution and expressed their heartiest gratitude to Revered Guru Ji.

All the 43 stalls surpassed the other :

The third 'Farmer and Agriculture Technology Fair' was organized splendidly. The Fair set up in the Saint SMG Sports Complex included 43 stalls all of which were surpassing one another. After the inauguration of the Fair by Revered Guru Ji, a huge gathering appeared soon to witness the Agriculture Fair. The people were visiting each and every stall and were taking information about each in detail. The stalls in the agriculture Fair were put up by Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Hisar; Shah Satnam Ji Sachkhand Dham; herbs from Chachiyanagri, Himachal Pradesh; National Center of Equines, Hisar; Punjab Agriculture Works, Bhagta Bhai Ka; Mathadu Private Ltd, Faridkot; Mistri Bhur and Sons Sangriya; Pal Agriculture Industries, Mansa; Rajendra Agro Industries, Sangrur; Kaboolshah Khuban Agriculture Ampliment; Sadhu Singh Agriculture Industry, Sangriya; Virasat Sambhal, Dera Sacha Sauda Salabatpura; Mistri Gurnaam Singh Jandwala; Aanwla-Shahad Belgiri products; Organic Products; techniques described by Revered Guru Ji; 100 welfare activities started by Revered Guru Ji; Drip System; Water Conservation; Pashudhan Salabatpura; Samag Cattle Health Care; vegetables & fruits; Sach Nursery; Satya Pharmacy; Sanskar oil Flour Mill & Posh for health; Tasty Cattle Feed; Farishta & Nanha Farishta; Garments Factory; Wooden Toys; Shopping Mall; MSG Seeds Farm Fertilizer Pesticide; Sunup Seeds; Agriculture Scientist; Samag Seeds; Samag True Enterprises Kurkure; Sach Herbotech; Ice Cream Factory & Royal Bakery; Aromatic Water; Kingzy; Shahi Canteen; Games - gun shooting, dot game, ring game, 'gulelbaazi' etc