Aug 30, 2016

Tiranga Rumaal Chhoo- Thrill & Buzz Marked 4th day

The fourth day's first match b/w MSG Toofani Sher & MSG Australian Brave Boys was titillating, as , MSG Toofani Sher outswayed the opponents by registering 69-47 win. With this continuous second win in the Tournament , MSG Toofani Sher inched closer to the finals.

TRL Fourth day

The contest was keen & tremendous initially, as both the teams were with the same points at many junctures, like 14; 17; 31; 33 each. But at the end of the first half , MSG Australian Brave Boys took lead by 35-33. The second half changed the whole scenario with aggressive MSG Toofani Sher claimed the final lead by 69-47. Ramesh, with 15 points, from   MSG Toofani Sher was announced the Man of the Match. Revered Guruji handed over the keys of electric bike & an MSG Gift Hamper   to the Man of the Match.

The second match was b/w MSG Lath Gaad De Haryana & MSG Delhi Ke Diler, in which team Delhi registered a hearty 55-44 win over the opponents. Praveen, with 13 points ,from the winning team was declared the Man of the Match and honoured with the bike & gift hamper   , given by Revered Guruji. Both were at their best in the beginning, but later Delhi showed   its pre eminence ending first half with 25-18 lead & the brilliance continued in the second half resulting in smooth movement towards finals with a win in the pocket.


The fourth day of Tiranga Rumaal Chhoo Tournament , organised at MSG Hall at Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa, Haryana started with the National Anthem, sung with pride & patriotism , in unison by Revered Guruji & all the players. The stadium was painted with the colors of love and respect   for the nation.

TRL- Public craze


Talking to media persons, Revered Guruji   showed his delight for a tremendous response to Rumaal Chhoo game. Tweeter is flooded with the appreciation messages from the admirers as well as from the common people , as all are enjoying the game. No players is influenced by any kind of   intoxicating element. No. Of eminent sports personalities reached at the time of trials , but the moment they came to know about the dope test , they departed immediately. Revered Guruji was seen guiding , mentoring & polishing the young players. Doing genuine assessment & perusal , he discussed all the weaknesses & strengths of the losers and the winners respectively.

The players listen to all pieces of advice given by Revered Guruji and pay full heed & attention by following the same.At the closing ceremony of the day , Revered Guruji enthralled the audience by presenting the League Anthem, "Chal Peeche, Hatt Peeche..." in His  Melodious voice.