May 15, 2013


Corruption Free Country

Dera Sacha Sauda followers are inspired by Guruji to eradicate corruption. Guruji has asked all followers to earn with honest means and followers comply. So far thousands of followers have taken a pledge not to accept bribes and not to offer any. Motivated by Guruji, the excitement and enthusiasm amongst the followers is boundless. Several high ranking officers have pledged not to accept bribes in any form, which is an extraordinary initiative. In terms of corruption India is in a pathetic condition. For eradicating corruption from India, Guruji always tells to followers that they should lead their life according to religion so that no evil exists in society.

Religion says no to corrupt conduct but humans have used the garb of religion, while defying the actual teachings. If everyone starts following their own religion in the right spirit, then not only India but also the whole world would be freed of corruption and other evils. With the grace of Guruji, Dera followers are doing their utmost to adopt good conduct while weeding out evils, simultaneously. Dera followers conduct rallies in villages/cities against corruption and thus give a wakeup call to the nation. The followers lead by example, by following the teachings of Guruji.